Steering Panel

The CCP programme is overseen by the CCP Steering Panel, under the current chairmanship of Mark Savill. The Steering Panel comprises the Chairs of all CCPs and three international members - Professor G Ciccotti (Italy), Professor Happy Sithole (South Africa) and Professor Ryuto Himeno (Japan).

The Steering Panel looks actively at areas for co-working between CCPs; joint meetings, workshops and training events are common.

The current members of the CCP Steering Panel are...

Chairman: Mark Savill
Secretary: Damian Jones


CCP-BioSim: Sarah Harris
CCPN: Geerten Vuister
CCP-NC: Paul Hodgkinson
CCP4: Kevin Cowtan
CCP-EM: Martyn Winn
CCP9: Stewart Clark
CCPi: Philip Withers
CCP5: Paola Carbone
CCPQ: Graham Worth
CCPSAS: Stephen Perkins
CCP-WSI: Deborah Greaves
CCPSynerBI: Kris Thielmans
CCPPlasma: Tony Arber
CCPmag: Julie Staunton
CCP CoDiMa: Steve Linton
CCP-QC Viv Kendon
CCP-NTH Shuisheng He
CCP Turbulence Sylvain Laizet

International Membership

University of Roma: Giovanni Cicotti
RIKEN: Ryutaro Himeno
CHPC, South Africa Happy Sithole

Research Councils

EPSRC: Sarah King
NERC: Frances Collingborn / Andrea Sharpe
MRC: Anne McGavigan
BBSRC: Richard Brown
ESRC: Joseph Ellery
STFC: Tom Griffin
STFC: Barbara Montanari

High End Consortia

UKCP: Matt Probert
UKTC: Sylvain Laizet
MCC: Richard Catlow / Scott Woodley
UK-COMES: Kai Hong Luo
UKCTRF: Nilanjan Chakraborty


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Terms of Reference:

  • To promote the work of CCPs among the wider academic and non-academic communities;
  • To seek mechanisms for broadening CCP activities by identifying and nurturing new communities;
  • To seek to broaden the CCP portfolio by promoting the value of such networks with National and International funding agencies;
  • To discuss mechanisms for collaborative working between Projects;
  • To represent and articulate the views of CCP members on strategic computing issues;
  • To prepare periodic brochures and marketing material to promote the activities of the CCP portfolio;
  • To receive regular reports on the progress of each Project.
  • The Steering Panel will meet twice yearly, whenever possible in the month before the SLA Steering Committee meeting;
  • The Steering Panel will report to the Director of STFCs Scientific Computing Department;
  • The Chair of the Steering Panel will be elected by the Panel membership and will serve for a five year period.



  • The Chair (Mark Savill)
  • The Chairs of all CCP networks (whether currently funded or not)
  • Representatives of the Research Councils
  • Three International Members (One from an EU Country and two from outside the EU)
  • CECAM Director


Meetings will be attended by:

  • Director of STFCs Scientific Computing Department
  • Chairman SLA Steering Committee
  • Administrative support provided by the Scientific Computing Department