The CCP Steering Panel


The CCP programme is overseen by the CCP Steering Panel, under the current chair of Mark Savill.

The Steering Panel comprises the Chairs of all CCPs and three international members – Professor G Ciccotti (Italy), Professor Happy Sithole (South Africa) and Professor Ryuto Himeno (Japan).

The Steering Panel looks actively at areas for co-working between CCPs; joint meetings, workshops and training events are common.

The current members of the CCP Steering Panel are…

Chair: Mark Savill
Secretary: Damian Jones

The CCPs

CCP-BioSim: Sarah Harris
CCPN: Geerten Vuister
CCP-NC: Paul Hodgkinson
CCP4: Kevin Cowtan
CCP-EM: Martyn Winn
CCP9: Stewart Clark
CCPi: Philip Withers
CCP5: Paola Carbone
CCPQ: Jimena Gorfinkiel
CCPSAS: Stephen Perkins
CCP-WSI+: Deborah Greaves
CCPSyneRBI: Kris Thielmans
CCPPlasma: Tony Arber
CCPmag: Julie Staunton
CCP CoDiMa: Steve Linton
CCP-QC: Viv Kendon
CCP-NTH: Shuisheng He
CCP Turbulence Sylvain Laizet

International Membership

University of Roma: Giovanni Cicotti
RIKEN: Ryutaro Himeno
CHPC, South Africa Happy Sithole

Research Councils

EPSRC: Elizabeth Bent
NERC: Andrea Sharpe
MRC: Anne McGavigan
BBSRC: Richard Brown
ESRC: Joseph Ellery
STFC: Tom Griffin 

High End Consortia

UKCP: Matt Probert
UKTC: Sylvain Laizet
MCC: Richard Catlow / Scott Woodley
UK-COMES: Kai Hong Luo
UKCTRF: Nilanjan Chakraborty
HECBioSim: Syma Khalid
HEC Plasma: Tony Arber
UK-AMOR: Jonathan Tennyson


Director: Barbara Montanari
Project Office Manager: Damian Jones
Impact Manager: Dawn Geatches
Principal Computational Scientist: Stephen Longshaw

Terms of Reference:

The CCP Steering Panel is a forum where the different CCP communities across UKRI meet to share news and address issues that are common to all CCPs. This is organised and run by the CoSeC Project Office for the benefit of all CCPs, including those that are not supported by CoSeC. The CCP Steering Panel does not steer the implementation of the CoSeC as that is the role of the SLA Steering Committee. The remit of the CCP Steering Panel is to:

  • Advise on strategy for computational research, digital research infrastructure, software engineering and emerging opportunities
  • Widen promotion of CCPs work, also to national and international funding agencies
  • Broaden CCP activities, identifying and nurturing new communities
  • Foster cross CCP collaboration mechanisms
  • Represent and create dissemination activities of the overall CCP portfolio

The CCP Steering Panel meets every six months and is composed by:

  • The Chairperson and appointed panel secretary
  • The chairs of all CCPs
  • Representatives of all the UK Research Councils across UKRI
  • Minimum of two international representatives, eg: the directors of CECAM and the Psi-k network or directors of international supercomputing centres.
  • The director of SCD-STFC
  • The director of CoSeC

In addition, representatives from all the high-end computing consortia are also invited to the panel. As a result of these coordination activities, different communities interact and share knowledge in a variety of ways:

  1. Joint training
  2. Joint scientific meetings
  3. Joint scientific activities
  4. Sharing of software tools, including shared development of these tools.
  5. Sharing of practices and ideas (e.g., CCP-NC widen participation PDRA etc.)


  • The Chair (Mark Savill)
  • The Chairs of all CCP networks (whether currently funded or not)
  • Representatives of the Research Councils
  • Three International Members (One from an EU Country and two from outside the EU)
  • CECAM Director

Meetings will be attended by:

  • Director of STFCs Scientific Computing Department
  • Chair of CoSeC Steering Committee
  • Administrative support provided by the Scientific Computing Department


Terms of Reference